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Welcome to Online Flight Planning Portal for India. Airports Authority of India has commenced the online flight planning in India.

The facility is available for all Casual/General Aviation/scheduled Indian operators. This facility is also available for various Indian Military agencies also.The services will be available only on approval of registration by portal Administrator. Hence, those who wish to avail the facility are requested to register their username and password. Login will be approved after verification.

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Airports Authority of India has launched the online flight planning system for domestic non-scheduled and general aviation aircraft operators in India  on 20-Oct-2011 from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad airports initially.

In order to further enhance its access to more users, this facility is being extended to the following 17 stations from 1st March 2013 which will cover almost the entire continental airspace in India for online flight planning :-

    • VOTV/VOML/VOCI/VOCL in Chennai FIR
    • VERC/VEBS in Kolkata FIR and
    • VEGT in NER
    • All North east Stations are added to the online flight planning portal from 07/11/2014

The new feature to this process is available on trial for Hyderabad and Gondia from 25 Nov 2013 where in operator need not to call ATS reporting officer to check the receipt of the plan. The system will automatically transmit the flight plan to ATS unit using AFTN network. this process is very fast and will be userfriendly. the operator will also receive the confirmation of message that the flight plan is received and transmitted to ATS unit.The new facility will be made available to other ATS centres once trial is sucessful.

Documents required:

1. Letter from the airline/operator on the Letter Head of the company stating that the person is a bonafide employee of the company and is authorised to file the flight plan online along with the email id and telephone no.

2. Scanned copy of the DGCA Authorisation (Permit/License) viz., Non-sked Operator permit/CPL/CHPL/Handling Agent Authorisation.

3. Scanned copy of the BCAS Pass issued to the person.

If you are a military personnel, kindly provide the following documents:

1. Service No while registering instead of DGCA License

2. An authorization letter from the Station Commandant stating that you are serving the respective unit and is authorized to file the flight plan online along with the Service No, Mobile No and Email Id.

The documents may be scanned and mailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

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